Sunrise Considers How to Incorporate New Guidance

April 30, 2021

Dear Friends,

On April 27 the CDC and CMS issued updates about mask use, social distancing and how nursing facilities and assisted living facilities can incorporate changes based on vaccination status for their residents and staff.  These are the regulatory bodies that provide Sunrise with direction for policy making and protocols that are issued.  The updated guidance has been shared on our Sunrise COVID webpage.  We are still reviewing this guidance and working on how Sunrise can make changes, as the guidance is very clear that relaxing mask usage can ONLY happen when EVERYONE in the room is fully vaccinated.  We will post updates on the website and inform residents when we have finalized our changes.  As you all know, the situation is always evolving and Sunrise will continually review guidance and make changes as appropriate. 

One other thing to note – since Sunrise is still required to monitor visitors in the facility, we have not reactivated fob use for visitors.  Our reception desk is only staffed until 7pm, therefore, if you are in the building visiting after that time, please locate a staff member to help you exit the building prior to leaving the neighborhood. 

We are not going to hold a Mother’s Day tea this year due to pandemic restrictions, but we will still honor mother’s with a beautiful rose on Mother’s Day.  We want everyone to know how much we love and value the women in our lives and hope that you will have some time this month to honor them too!


Hallie Salmen, CEO

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