What Does A Not For Profit Organization Really Mean

March 2, 2017

In a recent conversation with a Sunrise team member the topic of discussion came around to the fact that Sunrise is a not for profit organization. “What does that really mean?” the team member questioned me. My response was simple: People before profits.

As a not for profit entity, when Sunrise thrives it is to the benefit of its residents, not an owner or shareholder. We are able to reinvest in our campus and our people, by making improvements and by paying our employees a fair wage with the benefits they deserve and fulfilling the mission of our organization. Sunrise has oversight from a volunteer board of directors from the Siouxland community – you may even know some of them. They give of their time and talents to help guide the organization into the future. Being a not for profit organization is also beneficial as it relates to fund raising for special projects or funds, since the gifts made to the organization are tax deductible to the donor. So, in short, the not for profit difference is a big one.
Along that line, part of our mission is to provide education to our caregivers – both our family caregivers and staff members. We are partnering with Martin Bros. Distributing (our food distributor) to help them host a national speaker, Teepa Snow. Teepa is well known for her positive approach for caregivers responsible for those living with dementia. We are excited to have her in Sioux City and look forward seeing how this education will impact those with dementia that Sunrise is entrusted to care for. If you are interested in the education, please contact the Sunrise business office for more information. As always, we are so grateful for those who support us in our mission through their patronage, their gift of time and their gift of their treasures as well. Thank you for supporting us in our mission.

Hallie Salmen, Sunrise Executive Director

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