New COVID Regulations- Updated 9/26/2022

September 26, 2022

Per CDC and CMS guidelines, there are now new regulations regarding nursing facilities and COVID-19 infection policies.  When transmission levels are at a low, moderate, or substantial level, we will now allow family gathering in public spaces with social distancing. We will have transmission levels posted at the front desk for your reference and all guests and staff will continue to health screen both in and out at the kiosk. Healthy staff and guests will no longer be required to wear masks, face shields or goggles in the community during low, moderate and substantial levels. If you are ill in anyway, you will be required to wear a mask. Any person, who is in violation of this policy will be asked to leave the Sunrise campus immediately.

There will no longer be routine testing for a-symptomatic people, this does not include vaccine exempt staff and volunteers. Vaccine exempt individuals will still be required to test and wear PPE. If a resident requests that you were PPE in their room, you are obligated to comply.  

The bivalent vaccine will be available this week for staff and residents and although it is not required it is recommended.

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