Letter to Residents & Families 2.12.2021

February 12, 2021

Dear Sunrise residents, family and friends,

This letter is to report on COVID positive staff and residents. 

We are beginning to see some positive changes with the COVID numbers!  Sunrise has been testing staff at least two times per week for COVID surveillance.  As of today, only 1 staff member is home quarantining with COVID.  Since April 20, a total of 97 staff members have tested positive for COVID-19 and 96 staff members are considered recovered at this time.

We also continue to test residents every 3-7 days for surveillance or if there are any suspicions of illness.  As of today, there are no residents from either assisted living or from nursing that are quarantining.  Staff continue monitoring residents for any signs or symptoms of illness on each shift (3 times per day). 

We have one more clinic for Sunrise & Fountain View residents to finish up the 2nd shots on February 25 and follow up clinics for Maple Heights, The Pointe and Sunrise Hills will be February 15 & 16.  Information about the vaccine is posted on our website regarding frequently asked questions and facts. 

We are hopefully on our way to getting out of the “outbreak” status that began on 11/30/2020.  The definition of “outbreak” status per the CMS definition is 1 staff or resident reporting COVID positive and the IDPH definition is 3 residents reporting positive within 14 days.  By regulation we are required to limit visiting in the nursing facility due to the “outbreak” status.  We will continue limiting visitation to closed window visits and limited compassionate care visits until we have gone 14 days without reporting a resident infection.  At this time, 14 days from the most recent resident infection will be February 15 for the nursing facility.  Assisted living has resumed visits in the vestibule area.  Contact Erin Anderson at 712-276-3821 x 3130 to schedule visits or to set up video chats!

Last week the Governor of Iowa lifted the state-wide mask mandate for certain businesses/locations.  Sunrise Retirement Community will continue to enforce mask wearing for all staff members, visitors, contractors, and residents (as tolerated, when out of their own room).  The nursing facility’s regulations have not been relaxed and mask wearing is still recommended for all congregate settings in order to minimize the potential spread of the coronavirus.  Other mitigation efforts in both nursing & assisted living include staff screening at the beginning and end of shift for exposure, symptoms and temperature; wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE); increased cleaning & disinfecting of surfaces throughout the building; and regular COVID surveillance testing of staff members and residents.

We are working closely with our local public health department, the Iowa Department of Public Health, and our medical director and following their recommendations.  We are notifying our constituents and all regulatory bodies necessary. Thank you for your continued support & understanding.


Hallie Salmen, CEO

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