IMPORTANT NOTICE to Residents & Families 9.13.2020

September 13, 2020

Dear Sunrise residents, family and friends,

This letter is to report on additional testing that was completed yesterday. 

All residents in the nursing facility have been tested at least once since Friday.  The residents in the neighborhood where we identified a positive case of COVID 19 were retested yesterday (their original tests were done on 9/8/20) and one additional resident was identified to be positive and moved in to the quarantine area or hot zone.  This brings the total resident count with positive COVID 19 test results to two.  Any families with a loved one in the neighborhood where the positive test results were obtained (those with greatest potential exposure) have been contacted directly to keep them updated on the situation.

We will continue to monitor all residents with COVID testing on a regular basis and will continue monitoring them for any signs or symptoms on each shift (3 times per day).  We had already moved back to Phase I for operations in the Nursing Facility and will not have activities or communal dining in this area until we can be sure that the virus has not spread (this is monitored through testing).

We continued testing staff yesterday and identified one staff member who was positive for COVID 19 as well.  This individual works in the nursing facility, but is always in proper protective equipment, which reduces the risk of transmission per IDPH guidelines.  This brings the total staff with active positive cases to four, with one additional person having a pending test.

Our staff screen for exposure, symptoms and temperature at the beginning and end of each shift and wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout their shift.  This has been our policy for months now and will continue to be the policy indefinitely.  Our staff members are also testing regularly as part of our surveillance program.

We are working closely with our local public health department, the Iowa Department of Public Health, and our medical director and following their recommendations.  We are notifying our constituents and all regulatory bodies necessary to keep them informed about this current situation as required.

We appreciate the support that each of you have shown over the past six months and ask for your prayers and understanding as we work through this.  I will continue to keep you informed as we work through this situation and look toward the future.


Hallie Salmen, CEO

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