Devotions with the Chaplain

July 14, 2020

Contributed by Sunrise Chaplain Scott Squires

“I am only human,” might be our response to so many people and or situations that cause us to question our faith. 

The truth is we are human and therefore, periodically we will have doubts, fears, worries.  Yet, we are not without hope; we can receive the greatest counsel, comfort, and grace, if we seek consolation from God. God knows our weaknesses; our thoughts are not concealed from Christ.  Christ knows everything about us and continues to love us and sustain us through our doubts, fears, and worries.  When we seek comfort from God, we can be certain that God will cherish and nurture us in our time of uncertainty. 

Gracious Lord, we come before You, seeking comfort and understanding.  You are fully aware of our spiritual sorrows and our cherished blessings.  Please create within our uncertainties a sense of hope and calm assurance of the faith You provide.  Remind us of Your love and mend our brokenness so that we might be stronger and lend comfort to others with the comfort we know receive from You.  Amen.

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