Communications Update

April 2, 2020

To All of our Residents, Families and Friends:

It is hard to believe how much life has changed over the past couple of weeks, and I know you are all dealing with similar disruptions and stresses in your lives that we are here at Sunrise.  We want you to know that we are doing our best to continue to follow all guidance given by our regulatory bodies – federal, state & local.  As things change, we will communicate with you either by (1) email e-news blast, (2) Facebook or (3) the Emergency Alert System that we access through the Woodbury County Emergency Management Agency.  Those calls come the number (712) 555-5555 and sometimes are flagging as “potential spam” by cell phone carriers, so please take note of that.  If you would like to subscribe to our email e-news blast, please do so through our website ( at the very bottom right corner of the home page.

Additionally, many providers are using telehealth as a way of checking in on their patients, rather than having them come into the office, both for routine reasons or for assessing new illnesses.  We would like to have families consider signing the telehealth authorization form now, so that if we are requested to have a telehealth visit, we are able to streamline that process.  If you need a copy of the telehealth authorization, please reach out to the neighborhood manager. 

We appreciate all the thoughtful comments and prayers raised on behalf of our residents and caregivers.  Your support is very meaningful to each person at Sunrise!


Hallie Salmen, CEO

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