August Happenings at Sunrise

August 7, 2018

Living in Iowa (or Nebraska in my case) means that lots of outdoor activities get crowded into the summer months due to the agreeable weather. We want to enjoy our time outdoors, free of the walls that confined us during the bitter cold winter. It is a time to partake in fun activities, but also a time to get those outdoor projects done that need warm weather. Sunrise is no different…there are so many tasks to take on while the weather is nice that it can be a bit overwhelming.

We have a few concrete projects that may impact your travel around our campus in the coming month or two… first we will be making some concrete repairs to the main driveway as well as the drive area between Sunrise & the Pointe. We will keep traffic flowing, but please be patient as we make these important repairs. Additionally, out lots and walk areas need a new coat of yellow striping and we are going to add directional marks to the concrete to help remind residents and guests to keep traffic moving in the right direction.

One thing is certain, throughout the summer months our grounds look beautiful, with the flowers blooming and trees and grass green. Please take notice that in the park to the south of the health center we now have signage that officially notes the name Zenor Park.

Zenor Park is named for Sunrise’s past Executive Director, Bev Zenor. She was the driving force behind the building of the health center and assisted living and devoted her life and career to the residents of the Sunrise campus. We are excited to finally have this signage up and noting her contribution to Sunrise.

I hope you have the opportunity to take a walk and enjoy the beauty of our campus and to also take a minute to thank those who, like Bev, devote themselves to caring for each person who calls Sunrise home.

Have a great month!

~Hallie Salmen, CEO/Executive Director

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