Ask The Nurse; What Can I Do About Mosquito Bites & How Can I Prevent Them?

July 1, 2019

Risk: Females target some people over others. It may be due to carbon dioxide emissions from the body, body odor, body heat, & movement.

Prevention: The EPA recommends the use of screens or netting when outside.

  1. Cover skin when outdoors.
  2. Avoid wooded & grassy areas.
  3. Avoid bright clothing, perfumes and scented body products.
  4. Use repellents with Deet, Picardin or the oil of lemon or eucalyptus in them.

Remember, mosquitoes need water to breed. Avoid standing water. The most common conditions from mosquito bites are: West Nile Virus which may cause flu like symptoms or may show no symptoms at all and Zika virus which develops into fever, joint pain, rash, and muscle soreness. They also can carry other serious medical conditions such as Malaria.

Always seek medical attention if you suspect a reaction to an insect bite. It could possibly become serious.

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