Ask The Nurse; How Does Water Intake Help Our Bodies?

January 2, 2019

We all need water to survive. Did you know your body weight is approximately 60% water? It uses water in cell, organs, and tissues. Your body loses waste through breathing, sweating, and digestion. It helps our bodies in the following ways:

  1. Protects your tissues, spinal cord and joints. Water helps protect the spinal cord and acts as a lubricant and cushions for your joints.
  2. Water helps your body remove waste through urination, perspiration, and deification. The kidneys and liver use it to help flush out waste. It can help with constipation.
  3. Water aids in digestion. It starts with saliva and enzymes which are found in water which help food break down.
  4. Water prevents dehydration. Body fluids need to be replenished anytime you sweat, have a fever or illness or engage in exercise. It also helps treat bladder infections and kidney stones.

How much water do we need? There is no fast rule. It varies from person to person. Some meet their needs by drinking when they are thirsty and with every meal.

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