Resident-Centered Care

We are committed to resident-centered care, we regularly train our team members to meet each individual’s unique needs. Why? Because especially in long-term care, we’ve realized residents live happier, fuller lives when they can make more choices and decisions about their lifestyles. Families enjoy better relationships by being more involved in direct care and employees are more participatory and positive in their connections with Sunrise residents.

What does resident-centered care really mean?

Here are a few examples

  • Sunrise VanYou’ll see more homelike furnishings, décor, color, and lighting in our hallways, dining rooms, and common areas.
  • Residents can eat meals when they wish, either in the dining room or in their own room.
  • Residents go to bed and wake when they prefer, not when it’s best for our staffing schedules.
  • Living areas are known as neighborhoods rather than units. In fact, in each of our five neighborhoods we have nursing care teams that focus only on a small group of residents to increase communication and build relationships.
  • We cook meals from scratch, so residents can smell the food (which makes eating more enjoyable). We also garnish plates and strive to mirror restaurant-style dining.
  • If a resident doesn’t like something on the menu, our team provides alternate choices.
  • Residents let us know if they have specific requests. So whether a resident wants to see Christmas lights or work in a garden spot, it’s our job to “make it happen.”